At iYES language school we strive to provide a learning experience that has been specifically developed to cater to people from Japan who would like to improve their English ability abroad.

iYES Language Schoolは、海外で英語力を磨きたい日本の方々のニーズにお応えするために特別に開発された学習経験をご提供致します。



starter text book


The textbook used at iYES has been exclusively designed within our school. We offer a STARTER textbook for those who are just starting to learn English. This textbook focuses on the core skills to be able to communicate in confidence about daily topics and some easy business topics.






intermediate text book


In addition, we offer the INTERMEDIATE textbook that is specially suited to those students that already have a basic ability in English but would like to take their English to the next step. This textbook involves more advanced skills as well as expanding on the skills developed in the STARTER textbook.








tailor madeJust like clothes, everybody has a different style and requirements for learning English. That’s why we believe in tailoring our one-to-one lessons to meet your individual needs. Our specially trained teacher’s will do their best to be able to help you improve your English in the style that suits you. Additionally, they can customize the lesson to match any requirements that you have either for your job or to reach your own personal English goals.

During orientation, our Japanese speaking staff will talk to you about your requirements for learning English and they will pass this information on to the teachers who will work on creating a teaching environment that is tailor made for you.

In addition, all our teacher’s and staff will have access to the information about your current English level as well as your progress so that we can assure quality lessons that match your level.